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  2. Privacy Policy (“Engineersjugaad “) is governed by the guidelines for Indian Government Websites ( Version 2.0) which are regarded as the world-class guidelines in the world by experts

‘Private and personal information’ means information or an induvial thought about a person or identity which is recognized by civilized society. Engineersjugaad’s Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected and/or held by  Engineersjugaad.

This Privacy Policy also explains how we respect the ‘personal data’ about people in the in other countries, for example countries that follows General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What are the types of information we collect

Since our services via our website requires the necessary information to help and sever our customers, we collect minimum personal information to run the services in the website. Since our services can be access via desktop, website, phone apps. Hence specific platform and product, service, or support you interact with may affect the personal data we collect.

We don’t owe any accountability to the Personal information over platforms that are outside our control/website. For example- Personal information providing over Facebook

We will re-read, review, upgrade and notify this policy to our customers, stakeholders regularly to ensure all users are at the same page at all time.

Personal information Collection Process

 Say a first-time user register on our website to use our services. We will send him/her a message explaining the personal information we are asking for. This mostly the same in written form on website and then on email.

For example, we collect the following information:

  • Account Details – username, password, profile picture.
  • Contact Details – email address, phone number.
  • Location Details – physical address, billing address
  • Identity Details – full name, proof of identity, proof of address ,photograph of the user.
  • Financial Information – credit card details, wire transfer details, payment processor details
  • User Generated Content – project descriptions and attachments, bid description, user profiles, user reviews, contest descriptions and attachment, user messages etc.
  • Information that we collect from others

We give permission to users to login into our account using the social media accounts, Users can stop us from collecting data from other platforms by removing our access on the other platform or by contacting our support team.

Your payment provider/bank may transmit information about the payment that we may collect or process.

Our services include help two parties to meet and collaborate hence when necessary for the performance of a contract to which the user is party;

  • processing is necessary for compliance with our legal obligations;
  • processing is necessary in order to protect the vital interests of our both parties
  • processing is done where these interests do not infringe on the rights of our users.

We use automated decision when helping matching users to jobs. For example – If a job is posted by an employer is; looking for a logo designer, then he/she is recommended with the list of best logo designers. All users who have registered themselves with the skills of logo designers are notified via email.

Personal information is may be disclosed

Our third party service providers

Our third party service providers are bound by contract to only use your personal information on our behalf, under our instructions.

Our third party service providers include:

  • Hosting, storage, networking and related providers
  • Payment and banking providers
  • Security providers

Accessing, correcting, or downloading your personal information

You have the right to request access to the personal information Engineersjugaad holds about you. Unless an exception applies, we must allow you to see the personal information we hold about you, within a reasonable time period, and without unreasonable expense for no charge. Most personal information can be accessed by logging into your account. If you wish to access information that is not accessible through the platform, or wish to download all personal information we hold on you in a portable data format, please contact our Privacy Officer.

You also have the right to request the correction of the personal information we hold about you. All your personal information can be updated through the user settings pages. If you require assistance please contact our customer support.

Exercising your other rights

You have a number of other rights in relation to the personal data  Engineersjugaad holds about you, however, there may be restrictions on how you may exercise the rights. This is largely due to the nature of the products and services we provide. Much of the data we collect is in order to facilitate contracts between users, facilitate payments, and provide protection for the legitimate users of our marketplace – these data uses are protected against the below rights.

To contact our Privacy Officer

If you have an enquiry or a complaint about the way we handle your personal information, or to seek to exercise your privacy rights in relation to the personal information we hold about you, you may contact our Privacy Officer as follows:

By Email: